Reasons To Get An MRI

Medical science has jumped by leaps and bounds over the past several years.  With the ability to scan our bodies both externally and internally, we have been able to detect a lot of issues that would otherwise gone unknown and untreated.  The newest way to do this is with a stand up mri near me in East Brunswick.  With this MRI machine we can do some of the following.

Detect brain tumors

The brain is a mysterious place doctors and scientists still don’t understand.  With the brain we are able to do everything that we can as well as advance and improve.  However, illness and sickness can still occur so with an MRI machine we can find these and start to treat them.  One such thing will be tumors, blood clots and more.  The sooner we can detect these issues, the sooner we can address them.

Eye and ear problems

With an MRI you can also look into your eyes and ears.  When we can detect issues with our eyes we can see if situations are occurring that can cause blindness or other visual impairments as well as any issues with our ears which could cause hearing and balance problems.

stand up mri near me in East Brunswick

Spinal cord issues

When we are in an automobile accident or another type of accident where we suffer neck and back trauma, we may have issues with our spinal cord.  If we have issues with our spinal cord we will soon lose the ability to walk and function.  The spinal cord is where we connect all of our limbs as well as send and receive signals to the rest of our body.  With an MRI we are able to look at the spinal cord and determine what problems have occurred and what we can do to fix them.

As you can see with an MRI we are able to determine a lot of health issues and setup procedures to fix them.