Bob's Bean

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This Idea has been incorporated into  to the Community Exchange Club.

Idea Overview

Follow Bob into communities: traveling civic coffee truck and net cafe

Idea Round Up Concept Sheet

Who worked on idea?

Christine Brill, Steve Salas, Jessica Jade Jacob, Kate Showalter, Mark Raterkus, Jonathan Kline, Lee Colig, Jaylin Thomas

What is the idea?

Mobile, high tech, temporary day-long town hall with facilitator to Hike, Huddle, and Hypothesize in a cast

How would idea work?

Community dialogue with digital support, coffee, tea, and locally grown cider


  • Flexible
  • Mobile
  • Net allows improved community dialogues, neighborhood relations, and better citizen communications


  • Cost
  • Community involvement

Community opportunities:

Know each other better and host salon gatherings with purpose on talk to pressing community needs